Sunday, 16 May 2010

Didn't see that one coming...

Okay, first of all, I have just one thing to say:


Okay, time for a bit of an explanation.

Back when I started playing WoW, I turned to various sources of information to try to get an idea of what this game was all about - one of those sources was the Wowinsider podcast. This podcast regularly featured a guest known as BigRedKitty, aka BRK, aka Daniel Howell; you always knew that you were going to get a fun and informative show if he was on. A bit of internet searching led me to his own podcast and blog, which to be frank, were pure internet gold.

The writing/podcasting style was spot on and the humour the kind of thing that would leave me in hysterics at times. Yes, he was a hunter, and yes, I only do plate-wearers, but the only reason that I have ever dabbled with anything other than a Death Knight/Warrior/Paladin is because BRK made huntering sound so much fun.

Some of those podcasts, in my opinion should be essential listening to all WoW players, especially episode 3 where he explains how the threat mechanic works. BRK was committed to ridding the World of Warcraft from all manner of huntardism.

Alas, nothing lasts forever and about a year ago, BRK announced his retirement from WoW blogging, podcasting and the game itself. It was a sad day indeed, and I can still remember the Tribute to BRK video that people put together. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, however and real-life priorities must come before playing WoW.

Daniel still maintained his regular blog, which focused on cooking, cars, Airman Howell stories and most importantly, his son; the same humour and writing style was still there, even without the WoW. If anyone happens to see a particular weapon drop from ToC25 heroic, namely the BRK-1000, you know who it's named after. Great as his blog is, WoW hasn't been the same since he retired.

Over the past few days, several cryptic and confusing blog posts have arisen on his site, but the gist of is seems to be that his presence has been requested on the WoW Cataclysm Alpha. Now, whilst this does not mean that he's coming back to play WoW, just a bit of blogging and the odd video here and there, it's going to be fun getting his perspective on some in-game things again.

It's just like Bryant dragging Deckard in for one last job...

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hulk Smash!

I know... I always make fun of the silly little DPSers and their odd ways. The way that they attack targets before the tank does; the way that they go off and do their own thing and aggro mobs that you were going to leave well alone; the way that they try to keep themselves warm by standing in the fire; or even the infuriating inability to switch targets at a moments notice before the horrible exploding add wipes the raid.

Well, guess what? Now I'm one of them...

Let me tell you, it's hell down here.

I'd managed to get myself used to raid tanking. You hold threat, make sure that your target is stood where you want it to be, that it's facing the right direction, and you try to not die. You do all of those things and and you're a good tank. Okay sure, you're usually stood near to the end of the boss that has teeth, claws and fire coming out of it, but that's what healers are for, right? At most, you have to share your personal space with another tank, but at least you can see what's going on.

As a melee DPS, you don't get your own little personal space and personal healer. You're hanging around the bosses' backside with all manner of Warriors, Rogues, Ghouls, Hunter Pets and Ret Paladins. All you can see is people waving weapons around and explosions. Slime pool? What slime pool?



So, I'm having a little bit more sympathy for the melee DPS, who have to scurry around, trying to keep up with the boss that's being kited around a room, whilst trying to maintain some semblance of a rotation/spell priority. If tanks are the generals; calling the shots and determining when and where things happen, and healers are the support crew; keeping everything going and stopping things from going pear-shaped, then DPS are the troops; there to get the job done.

For all the chaos and change of focus, I'm loving it!

I get to see things from a different perspective, do some more gearing up, research and fine-tune priority systems, hammer away at target dummies, and basically try to hone the old Death Knight into the best damage dealing weapon that I can.

Conveniently, Skeleton Jack has just put up a post about Mr Robot, a DPS simulator. I like it. I've had a look  at it and played around with it; I can see it becoming something I refer back to quite a lot.

So there you have it. Rachkalos goes DPS, hits things, things die. Maybe he makes less fun of the poor guys who have to chase after the boss and hit it.

Don't think that changing my view of you squishies on the back row, though. What are you guys up to... sitting around there, 30 yards away? Are you guys having a picnic over there, or something?

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Rach's UI

Okay, this isn't actually a real post. It's just the quickest and easiest way that I could think of to get a UI screenshot uploaded!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Gone Fishing

Yeah, that place is cold.

So very, very cold.

After running around in Frost Presence with that Chill of the Throne thing for the past five months, Rachkalos needs a holiday. Instead of getting beaten up and drinking the blood of his enemies, he's fishing and drinking mojitos.

The peace and tranquility won't last long... never does; sooner or later, some ugly, plague spraying, blood sucking, soul freezing freak is going to have to have the rules read to them... again.

And Rach is just the Death Knight for the job.