Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ultimate Triage

So, me and the guild were working our way through ICC10 the other day, the raid had reset and we wanted our loot and badges right now!

Things were going smooth as silk up until the Gunship Battle, we had a few more wipes there than was good for my emotional state at the time.  I mean, this was the Gunship Battle... the nice little novelty boss fight where I get to pretend to be King of the Rocketmen and let Saurfang Senior hit me in the head a few times just so that he doesn't look over his shoulder and spot my esteemed colleagues giving his best Frost Mage a good kicking.  It was supposed to be fun, but all that happened was repair bills getting bigger and my patience wearing thinner.

We got it done eventually and moved onto Deathbringer Saurfang the Space Marine.  No way were we going to get this done after our previous performance, I was not looking forward to this fight at all...

We one-shotted him.

I honestly did not see that coming in a million years.  Respect where it's due, the guys seemed to get it done perfectly, not that I was in a position to notice; tanking Saurfang involves standing in one spot, using all your moves to keep the threat going, keeping one eye on the threat meter, another eye on your health bar, popping the cooldowns so that you don't end up lying face down and watching out for when the other tank gets this bloodrunemarkofdoom (or something) and taunting off him the second that he gets it.  Apparently there are things called "Blood Beasts" in this fight... I honestly couldn't tell you what they looked like...

Happily surprised and satisfied, I go strolling into the Upper Spire of the Citadel and remember not to run into the icecloud jets that are basically Frogger 3.0.  There are inevitable casualties, whether it's down to lag, stupidity or not playing the real Frogger enough when they were young, but you always lose a couple of people there.  Somebody clips a jet, their health plummets, but somehow they cling to life by a few hit points.

"Don't heal up!" I yell down the Vent.  "Quick! Somebody bandage them!"


Ultimate triage achievement!

The next few minutes were spent with people taking turns at trying to get themselves almost killed in the ice jets so that they can be bandaged up.  Much hilarity and rezzing ensued as it wasn't an exact science, but by the end of the silliness all of the raid had their Ultimate Triage achievement and a nice smile on their face.  Even in the middle of a stressful raid, we can still have a laugh.

That's why I love my guild.

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