Thursday, 22 April 2010

Epic Purple Axe of... erm... Epicness

Yeah, that one...

That there is a genuine, 100% authentic Ramaladni's Blade of Culling and it's mine, all mine.

My... Preciousssss...

This is quite an unusual reaction to a bunch of purple pixels for me, I don't think that there's ever been an in-game item that I've actually looked forward to and wanted to drop off a particular boss before. I'm not one of those people who fill raid chat with the "I hope that Arthas' Giant Epeen drops this time," never have done it - never will. I'm completely aware that unless you've totally messed up your current gearing and are horribly under hit-cap or something, no single item is going to make any noticeable difference to your gameplay. Of course it all adds up, but really, it's down to the player pure and simple - if you're doing 3.5k DPS in ICC, that wand that some other mage is carrying is not going to bring you up to up to 7-8k DPS.

No amount of gear will.  It's not your gear's fault, it's yours.

So, I don't much care for Gearscore, don't approve of loot whores and can't abide loot drama. So why on earth was I so keen to get, what is, in all fairness, just another weapon with a few bigger numbers? Basically, it's because it is the first weapon that seems to be itemised with my class and spec in mind.

Put your hand down Mr. Arms Warrior, please. Those Blue Gem Sockets are for Stamina gems and you know it. Hush.

The first character that I started tanking with was my Death Knight. The first spec that I tried this in, was Blood. The spec that I use for tanking currently, is Blood. The spec that all Death Knights will be using until the end of WoW, is Blood. Because of the way that DKs work, they are not going to be carrying traditional tanking weapons - they can quite happily grab a big old two-handed DPS weapon and go to town, the Runeforging that DKs use makes just about any weapon viable.

But basically, you're just making do with another classes' hand-me-downs, which is why I've gone through several two-handed DPS weapons as well as a couple of hunter weapons (shudder).

If that isn't enough to make you want to crawl back into your shallow, unmarked grave, I don't know what is...

A couple of weeks ago, this thing drops of Saurfang. Whether it was down to luck, guildies being charitable or people not knowing what to do with it, I finally get it. Probably blew my EPGP priority to pieces getting it, but this thing is going to last me for ages, more importantly, I finally feel like a genuine, indestructible undead threat generating machine.

Of course, if anyone has a spare Shadowmourne lying around, you know where to send it...

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