Thursday, 15 April 2010

Talking Tank: Reloaded

One of several WoW related podcasts that I listen to is Rawrcast. The hosts, Stompalina and Hafrot - spectacularly amusing in their own right - end up covering a multitude of topics, but raiding and guild leadership are always in there somewhere...

Several months ago, they put together a special edition of the show, entitled "Talking Tank".  Haf was joined by a panel of knowledgeable tanks from the WoW community to explain some of the whys and hows of tanking.

This podcast was the reason that I started tanking.  The research began, the gear was accrued and Rachkalos took his first bewildered steps into Utgarde Keep with his shiny new tank gear and four patient guild members behind him.  It's definitely worth a listen to by everyone that tanks, is thinking of tanking or would simply like to know what goes through the head of your favourite meat-shield (as well as Saurfang's Axe, I mean...).

Recently, the Rawrcast crew got together to record a second special episode on tanking - "Talking Tank: Reloaded". It has just been edited and made available for download; it's getting listened to on the way to work, tomorrow!

The thing that grabbed my attention was the panelist line-up: Haf is joined by Veneretio of, as well as Lore and Satorri of fame. Satorri basically wrote the book on Death Knight tanking, which is essential reading so I'm looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

This is one of the few times that I've actually looked forward to driving to work!

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  1. This was an awesome podcast. I loved the insights. I was lucky enough to be online when my guild needed a tank in Onyxia 10m, and since I was on whelp duty DnD and Howling Blast were nice tricks for collecting all the whelps. However, the thought of a dedicated single target tank (in a raid) and the recommendations in the podcast do make a compelling argument for Blood as a raid tanking spec... hard to argue with the logic!